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Law Firm Reputation Management in a Crisis

When you are in the middle of a crisis there’s a lot to manage and there’s also a lot that can go wrong. One area that can be impacted during a crisis is your law firm’s reputation. Lawyers don’t often think about how the relationships

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Your Law Business Plus Systems Equals Growth

If you run your own law business, you need to change your priorities if you want to see sustainable growth. I created a video that explains how “Lawyering without Business Equals CHAOS.” Where do Your Priorities Lie? If you were to look at your calendar,

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Law Firm Owners Must Evolve or Die

Opposing forces in the legal industry have always challenged change and see technology as a threat. Because of this, our profession has changed very slowly over the years. The changes that occurred in 2020 are now forcing the industry to evolve faster than it is

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Grow Your Law Firm By Letting Go

If you want to see REAL growth in your law firm in 2021 and beyond there is one thing that you will need to learn to do that is really hard for us lawyers: you need to let go of your ego. How Your Ego

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