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Crushing Chaos in Client Communications

Let’s talk about something that makes most lawyers cringe when they first hear it: Automating client communications. Why do they cringe? Because many lawyers hold onto the belief that communications can’t be automated without sacrificing the client relationship. After all, that relationship is what brings

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How To Create Success with Ease

Most solo and small law firm attorneys I encounter want success. They can visualize a life where they are making more than enough money and spending ample amounts of free time doing what brings them joy, whether that’s sitting on a beach, watching their kids

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How to Face Your Finances & Give Your Money a Job!

A lot of law firm owners struggle with the shame and guilt that come with not knowing the numbers behind their business. Profit/loss statements? Revenue targets? Profit margins? I can feel many of you tensing up just reading about it. And that’s often because, as

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How To Help Employees Suffering from Law Firm PTSD

How To Help Employees Suffering from Law Firm PTSD Law firm PTSD. Many of us have seen it, especially with new employees. The story typically has a happy beginning: You find someone amazing to join your team, you’re thrilled to have them on board, and

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Who Do You Serve?

How Success and Service Go Hand in Hand A lot of the people in the Law Firm Mentor community are person-to-person, B-to-C service providers who work with what I consider to be the disenfranchised or the less successful, less financially well-to-do members of our society.

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Your Business Needs More than You Alone

Be honest. How many times a day do you convince yourself that a certain task simply has to be done by you? 10? 20? 1,000? Somewhere along the way to becoming the amazing lawyer you are, you probably decided you had to be the smartest.

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