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The Law Firm Mentor team has never been so dynamic. If you’re not learning every day, you’re falling behind. Fortunately, we like a steep learning curve and it seems our clients do, too. We’re proud to offer this resource library of best practice solutions for the four pillars of a thriving law firm: People, Systems, Marketing, and Sales.

By all means, dive in, download, tweet with abandon, and share wildly. Learn tips and innovations that you can apply in your law firm today.

How can I get more business? The thought is always there.

It’s not hard to convert the super-hot lead, personally referred to you by your best client, already eager to write the check. But what about the proverbial stranger who found you on Google?

That prospect – the “shopper” – is not a lost cause. He just needs a powerful enough consultation, specifically designed to address his objections before he raises them and to meet his buying psychology with the right step-by-step process to engage him in a true value sales conversation.

Learn our exact process now!


An Avatar is your ideal client personified. What does this person look like, sound like, act like? Most importantly, what are this person’s hopes, dreams, fears, desires? Put simply, what makes this person tick?

Having a well-thought and researched avatar is critical in understanding your ideal clients purchasing behaviour.

So how does one establish their ideal client avatar? You can start by downloading our worksheet which walks you through our tried and tested process!


The legal space is crowded with dozens of firms competing for a clients business. One common mistake law firms make is overestimating how unique or specialised their services are compared to the rest of the landscape. By understanding your sales cycle, you will find that your firm is more responsive to the needs of your clients. This means responding to inquiries quickly, following up, and anticipating intake objections.

Learn our general rules and honed process on handling intake objections.


You manage everything from recruitment, employee retention, competition for clients, cash flow issues, not to mention staying abreast of legal and technological developments. It can be hard to do it all yourself AND make time for business development. This is where a specialist support marketing company can come in.

The right support can build your profile, enhance your reputation and keep pace with your competitors, so that you can focus on all other aspects of your firm.

But, how do you choose the right support? We have created a guide of questions to help you find the best expertise.


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