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Interviewed By

Carolyn Elfant


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 If you want to profit more, work less and quiet the chaos.  We can help.

We’ve supported hundreds of law firm owners just like you solve these problems.

My business is chugging along, but I need to increase cash flow.  I’ve got to keep growing.

I’ve got plenty of clients but am drowning in chaos. I need to get things under control in order to keep growing.

My client base is growing, my systems are locked, and I’m looking to optimize my team and accelerate my firm’s growth.

Meet our Founder and CEO, Allison C. Williams

Allison is where you want to be. Running a multimillion-dollar law firm in just a few hours per week.
She is also the founder of Law Firm Mentor, where she is committed to helping other law firm owners do the same.Allison is an award-winning lawyer and entrepreneur whose vision and mentorship turn law firm owners into millionaires with true time freedom and propel Law Firm Mentor forward. Her experience, systems, processes, and frameworks help our clients get incredible results.

  If you want exponential growth, you need deep knowledge, across multiple disciplines.

We’ve built a team that specializes in solving the issues that matter most to you.

AND Sales


Systems AND

Hiring AND Staff

Why Choose Law firm Mentor

You have access to an exceptional team with the EXPERTISE built from over 50 years of combined EXPERIENCE.  We will work with you across all areas of business. Marketing. Sales. Finance. People. Systems and Processes to accelerate and scale your growth.

You can immerse yourself in an engaged and vibrant COMMUNITY with thousands of other law firm owners who have been in your shoes and have stories, experiences, and lessons to share.
You will work hand in hand with coaches that instill the KNOWLEDGE necessary to realize your dream of moving from lawyer to CEO of your law business.
You will get the support and ACCOUNTABILITY needed to continue to better your best.  To Never Stop Growing.

Looking for the resources you need to make more money and have more free time?

Connect with one of our Growth Strategists to learn about our coaching options and resources.