Deserve The Best

Do you deserve the best? I’ve seen commentary on social media lately where people are presupposing that they deserve the best in terms of acquiring employees.resentment about the fact that they’re getting what they feel to be less than what they deserve. When there’s any

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Who Does What in Your Law Firm

Who does what in your law firm? There are many different roles in law firms, and I think most people conceptually understand the distinction between a lawyer and a paralegal and a legal assistant and a file clerk. There are three categories of behavior required

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Re-Play – Why Employees Fail

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we here at the Law Firm Mentor have been very busy preparing for a new year! Enjoy this replay of one of my most favorite, thought provoking episodes. I have seen quite a bit of commentary in the Law

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Four Quadrants to Crush Your Work Chaos

How do you do all of the work that is mounting on your desk when you don’t have a full team or lack the resources to be able to assemble a team? Many lawyers often say to themselves, “I have too much and I’m not

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Crush the Chaos of Your Law Firm Scholarship Award

In today’s episode I talk about law firm scholarships. Recently, I remember seeing a post where someone raised the question about how to create a law firm scholarship. This individual had seen a lot about them and thought, “Hey, this seems like a really cool

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Crushing the Chaos in Client Communications

Today I am talking about crushing the chaos in your client communications. I want to direct your attention to the idea of automating as many of your client communications as possible. I realize that automating client communications can be a cringe-worthy topic for many lawyers.

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