Getting Prospects To “Yes”



Congratulations!  You’ve just taken a SIGNIFICANT step to move your business forward by accessing this free video training dedicated to the topic of moving your prospects from curious wanderers to paying clients.

As a litigator for the past 17 years and the current owner of a multi-million dollar law firm, I understand what it means to “need” new clients.  The thought is always there – how can we get more business.  And, if you’re anything like I was just a few short years ago, the thought also remains, how can I find a way to make more of the opportunities I have by converting more prospects into paying clients.

It’s not hard to convert the super-hot lead, personally referred to you by your best client, and already eager to write the check before they even call your office.  Those prospects are already raving fans when they enter your office for a consultation.  But what about the proverbial stranger who found you on Google?  They check out your nifty website, maybe read a few online reviews, and think, “This might be a decent attorney.  I’ll schedule a consultation with him and a few more, and then I’ll decide.” 

That prospect – the “shopper” – is not a lost cause.  He just hasn’t had a powerful enough consultation, specifically designed to address his objections before he raises them and to meet his buying psychology with the right step-by-step process to engage him in a true value sales conversation.  This step-by-step process is powerful beyond measure, but it’s the centerpiece of your impact conversion strategy.  Leading up to it is the right framework to make your consultations “pop”, and following it includes the right sequencing strategy to ensure that the laggard decision maker still gets to “yes” when pursued appropriately.

And, the best part?  We’re giving it to you … FOR FREE!  Over the next five days, you’ll receive a new video each day to walk you through this process and learn the skills needed to increase your sales conversions, one prospect at a time.

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