8 Steps To Manifesting Like A Motherf**Ker


At Law Firm Mentor, we’re all about helping our clients drastically improve their businesses and their lives. And what better way to do this than to start manifesting more of what you desire? 

In my latest podcast episode, I break down the 8 steps to manifesting by relating each one to a very personal, very recent real-life example of the process in my own life. If you’re interested in the juicy details, you can catch the podcast


But for today, I’m going to distill the huge concept of manifesting into 8 steps that you can revisit as often as you need. We all have the power to manifest what we want in this life, and it can start now:




STEP 1: When a thought or desire comes to mind, give it space to just sit and be

We’ve all had some version of this experience: A desire or thought continues to come to mind. And by thought, I don’t mean a doubt, a worry, or something that is a pervasive, well-worn path. I mean something that comes from the ether and just dances across your mind, over and over again. 


In such cases, many of us tend to judge this thought or push it away. Instead of committing to either side of the fence, I want you to pause and just sit in the “What if?” of this thought. 


STEP 2: Speak the thought or desire out loud

Once you allow yourself to feel your desire, I want you to speak it out loud. By virtue of speaking it aloud, you authorize yourself to go get it. This can sometimes be the hardest part: Giving yourself permission to have what you want simply because you want it.


STEP 3: Make a decision

Decision marks the moment when you make up your mind to actually take action. So, if you haven’t mastered the art of being decisive yet, it’s time to start. This is the only way this step will become fast, easy, and move you forward immediately. When you do this, you’ll start to see opportunities arise. The resources to act towards your desire will start flooding in to get you what you want. 


STEP 4: Write down exactly what you want

This step is critical to visualizing what you want to create or achieve. By writing it down, you can get clear on what you want and solidify the fact – to yourself and the universe – that whatever it is that you are owning on paper is going to actually be yours. 


STEP 5: Consult the right advisors

Now, here is where a lot of us get stuck. We decide we want advice, so we start asking everybody and their mother, right? But what you really need are people who have already achieved the thing you’re going for. The people you can trust to have the best knowledge, the best help, the best ideas, the best guidance, the best recommendations. 


STEP 6: Assemble the team you’ll need

Once you are clear on where you want to go and you’ve gotten solid advice on the “how” of it all, it’s time to enlist the help of the people who will be able to get you there. This could be a coach, a therapist, a realtor… whoever is best qualified to help you realize your goal. 


STEP 7: Allow your desires to materialize

This step is about leaning into your intuition. This is about trusting your decisions once they are made. Believing that, regardless of outcome, you were guided to this decision for a reason. 


We tend to see intuition as the stepchild of logic. And part of that is because we live in a world that hyper-values the masculine tendency of logic over the feminine tendency of emotion. Even though a well-balanced person, male or female, needs both logic and intuition to make the best out of their lives, right? So, when you have a strong intuition and even your logic is telling you something is the right choice, it’s time fight the urge to second-guess. 


STEP 8: Trust your instincts

When what you’ve been manifesting appears, you will know. You will get that jolt that tells you this is the right one. This is the right path. This is what I’ve been looking for, what I’ve been wanting to achieve. And you have to let that be the ultimate guiding truth.




Think about all the times you have these little thoughts come to your mind and you push them away, debate them away, or evaluate them away instead of allowing the feelings to settle. 


A lot of times, our logical mind goes to, well, if I want something, let me evaluate 15 thousand pieces of information to determine whether I can have it and then if I can, based on my plan, have it, I’ll then start making some plans associated with it and hope that those plans work out and if everything works out perfectly, I’ll say yes. 


No. I want all of you to be able to manifest like a motherf**ker.


So instead, allow the desire to germinate. Speak it out loud. Get crystal clear by writing it down. Have faith that what you put on paper will become yours. And ultimately allow whatever is going to come to you, to come to you and trust your instincts that if it’s here, it’s here for a reason and it’s here for your greater good.

Want to hear more about how I used these steps to manifest my brand new home? Check out this episode of the Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast.


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