Is Money Your Main Motivator?


There’s a reason why you’re reading this blog post. Likely, you want to grow your law firm and achieve more success. And make more money. And hey, that’s a beautiful thing. An imperative thing! If we can’t pay our bills, we can’t serve our clients. Or find new clients. Or pay our employees. And even once those needs are met, there is nothing wrong with treating ourselves to that shiny new car or that home remodel. I’ll be the first to confirm: money matters.   


But when we focus for too long on just the economic incentive of growing our business, we can become disconnected from our greater vision. When the money is finally there, our bills are paid, and we’ve reached a place of comfort and stability, we may find ourselves wondering: What’s on the other side? 




1. Extrinsic Motivation

This is the most common type of motivation we relate to business growth. Simply put, this refers to behavior that is driven by external rewards. 


With extrinsic motivation, think more money, bigger office, positive public opinion, etc. These rewards often grow our sense of self-worth and self-esteem and keep us going when putting in the hard work of building a successful law firm. But if we’re motivated purely by external rewards, what happens when we get what we want? Stagnation. Lack of fulfillment. Lack of purpose. 


That can’t be the end game. Enter stage left: 


2. Intrinsic Motivation

This is when you do something just for the pure enjoyment and sense of fulfillment you get from the activity itself. 


This is life purpose stuff. This is legacy stuff. This is why-are-you-building-a-business-in-the-first-place stuff. What are the things that wake you up at night (in a good way), have you smiling with intrigue and buzzing with excitement? It’s critical that you identify these and remind yourself of them each day. 


By the way, this is why we say #neverstopgrowing at Law Firm Mentor. Because even when you’ve reached financial success, there’s no limit to stepping into and realizing your purpose. 



If you haven’t guessed already, one of my greatest joys is guiding solo and small law firm attorneys as they realize their highest potential, reach their goals, and build businesses they love. I feel absolutely lit up when I think of all the opportunities I have each day to make a positive, tangible impact on the lives of my clients and in my community. I also want to build a legacy that lives far beyond me. So yes, a healthy business and bottom line is important to me, too — but because it’s a way for me to enjoy this life and live out my purpose. 



Activity time! Go grab a pen and paper. Seriously! We’ll wait… 

Ok, ready? Write down the answer to this question:  


If no one in the world would care and I had all the money I needed, what would I be in this life? What would I create in this life? 


Oftentimes, we can use our law firms as the vessel through which we achieve that self-actualization that comes from whatever is intrinsically motivating us to create. But you have to be willing to allow yourself to dream out loud and to own what you really want.


Want to dive deeper into this topic? We have the perfect episode of the Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast for you. Check it out. 

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