How Living in the “Ish” Impedes Law Firm Growth

Do you want to generate enough income so that you can sell your law firm, start another business, travel, or just have the ability to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it? Well, unless you stop living in the “ish” you will never be able to meet your financial goals.


What do I mean by “Living in the Ish?” I created a video that describes what it means, how it hurts you, and 3 strategies you can use to break the “ish” habit. 

How Much Does Your Car Payment Cost-ish?


Because many people are uncomfortable talking or thinking about money, when they are asked questions like, “What’s your monthly car payment?” their answer usually is “$600-ish a month.”


This answer is also how they create a budget. They know their utility payment is “$100-ish”, their cell bill is “75-ish” and these guesstimates are used to determine how much money they need to earn every month to cover their expenses.


Why is this bad? Well it puts you in a mindset that prevents you from earning money that goes beyond just covering what you owe and moving towards hitting the financial goals you have made for yourself and your business.


Don’t Get Stuck in the Comfort Zone 


When you have reached the point where you make enough to pay your bills you can end up stuck in the comfort zone that keeps you from earning more. And then if you want something that is outside of your budget you have to cut corners to find the extra money.


How Much is More Exactly?


Finding that extra money is also harder to do when you don’t know the exact amount of your different expenses. When you live in the “ish,” the approximation of an expense can vary based on how you feel that day. For example, “600-ish” can mean $630 or $597 based on emotion. 


This leaves you without a baseline so that you know if you earn an extra “X” amount of money every month you will go from having just enough to more than enough.


Can’t Plan without a Map 


If you don’t know how much extra income you need to generate to meet the financial goals you set then you can’t create a strategy to meet those goals. Just as you can plan a route to get from here to there without a map or even knowing where the starting point is, you need to have a definite financial baseline to understand how far you are from your goal so that you know what you need to do to have the life you want. 


Do you need help breaking out of the “ish”?


If you want help understanding where you are financially and what you need to do to meet your goals, I’m here to help. Schedule an appointment today and let’s talk about how to break you out of the “ish” and on the path to financial success.