Marketing Funnels: Why It’s a Vital Piece of Your Marketing Plan

Does your to-do list never seem to end?

Are you constantly dealing with issue after issue?

Have you tried multiple marketing strategies, but nothing seems to work?

If so, I feel your pain. In fact, many law firms really struggle when it comes to marketing.

Whether it’s search engine optimization, speaking events, or even simple interactions with prospects, marketing can all be very confusing and stressful.

But, sometimes in life, you need a little help from someone who gets it.

Someone who has been in your shoes.

Someone who KNOWS exactly what you’re going through.

That someone is me, Allison. I’ve been involved in law firm marketing for years now, but I was once in your shoes struggling to stay afloat.

I was once in your shoes thinking that my law firm was sucking the life out of me.

But you know what I did? I conquered the challenge, threw on some confidence, and got to work.

Today, I’ve leaped mountains, ran over hills, and finally found the work/life balance I was searching for all those years.

And my goal is to share my insights and strategies with people just like you.

Now, let’s dive straight into my 30-Day Action Plan.

What’s the 30-Day Action Plan?

The 30-Day Action Plan comes included in the marketing portion of my webinar titled, More Money More Free Time 6 Part Online Series. The webinar is designed to help lawyers and law firm owners navigate around the many aspects of law firm ownership.

In this intensive webinar, I give law firm owners the concepts and strategies they need to grow and take their firms to the next level.

Below you’ll find information about marketing funnels, which is one small piece of my 30-Day Action Plan. To review the whole plan, I invite you to join me on my online series, and I’ll even throw in some freebies for your loyal support. You’ll find details about that special deal at the end of this post.

Marketing Funnels

So what is a marketing funnel anyway?

A marketing funnel involves the steps that a prospect or client goes through before reaching your goal. These funnels vary from law firm to law firm, but it’s important to clearly illustrate these steps, including what they represent.

What’s Involved?

To get started on building your marketing funnel, you’ll first need to understand your avatar. Your avatar is your IDEAL client that is based on demographics and psychographics. For help finding your avatar, take a look through the workbook that comes included when you purchase my online series.

Building Your Funnel

After you fully understand WHO we’re targeting (your avatar), the next step is to start the process of evaluating your prospects and determining how they’ll move through your marketing funnel.

To do this effectively, think about a certain marketing activity and visualize the steps a prospect needs to take before becoming an actual client or reaching a certain goal.

From the top of your funnel to the bottom, it should look something like this:


How many IMPRESSIONS does the marketing activity generate?


How many LEADS stem from those impressions?

Viable Leads

Out of the leads you generate, how many of those are VIABLE LEADS.


How many viable leads are now SCHEDULED for a consultation?

Show Up

After scheduling appointments, how many scheduled consultations actually SHOW UP?


For the ones that show up, how many of them actually become CLIENTS?

Focus on Ideal Clients

The most important aspect of your marketing funnel is your clients. In order to not waste anyone’s time and to have a smooth and efficient process, you’ll always want to focus on your IDEAL clients.

While you can always receive more clients by taking on clients that are less than ideal, this strategy may not help you develop the business you truly WANT.

That being said, focus on the prospects you believe have the best shot at becoming great clients.

The Deal You Can’t Pass Up

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