How Law Firms Can Turn Digital Leads into Clients

You’ve made headway in your marketing efforts possibly attracting subscribers and gotten several leads from your webinar. Yet, you haven’t gotten any requests for consultations or added new clients in awhile.

You know people are interested in learning more about legal services, but they’re not coming through the door. What’s going on? After all, you’ve worked hard to develop engaging, personalized content and follow-up with your leads to find out more about what they’re looking for.

Have You Created a Sales Funnel?

If you’re not using a sales funnel to move your digital leads through the buying process, the time to start is now. Why is this important?

Not all your leads are ready to become a client today, but they are more likely to convert if you continue nurturing them.

How do you do that? By identifying what stage of the process they’re in, why they would want to become a client and how they would use your services.

What are the Different Stages?

AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, action. Creating different kinds of digital content that nurtures your leads through each of these stages helps turn them into clients. As leads move through each stage, it’s normal for the pool to become smaller.


Some leads may not be ready to move past the awareness stage, but now they know about your services and your firm. Don’t be surprised if they request more information a few months or even years from now.

Remember a digital content strategy is a long-term approach. That doesn’t mean you won’t have some leads move from awareness to action within a few days, but content marketing relies on building relationships and trust.

How Do I Build Relationships with Potential Clients Online?

Building relationships with potential clients online involves the same basic principles of making human connections. You need to get to know them and they need to get to know you.

Creating buyer or client personas helps you define and target potential clients.

  • Ask who would be interested in or who would need your firm’s services?
  • Why would they need those services?
  • What are their characteristics and lifestyles?
  • Which buyer personas would be most interested in specific services your firm provides?
  • Keep in mind there’s no “right” amount of buyer personas. You may find you can identify two, three, or more than five. What’s important is that you pinpoint what makes each of your personas different and how you can best target them.

Create Targeted Content

Once you know who your potential clients are, you’ll also be able to identify their pain points. Are they wary of being represented by someone they can’t trust? Is being understood and having someone available to guide them through the legal process important? Is budget a top concern?

By identifying each of your persona’s main pain points, you’ll be able to match and emphasize ways your firm can help solve those concerns. Build your content and generate ideas for different types of online content around these various pain points.

For example, blog posts about why it’s important to seek legal representation after a car accident or what people need to consider when getting a divorce could be useful for leads in the interest stage. A webinar or e-book that delves into more details about these topics might best serve leads in the interest or desire stages. Targeted emails with relevant content could also help remind leads of your firm’s services, while also encouraging them to take action.

Implement A/B Testing

Not sure what email subject lines work best or what type of copy entices leads to turn into clients? Implement A/B testing to find out!

A/B testing involves sending out two different versions of the same content to your prospects. For example, you might have two different subject lines for the same email, with version “A” going out to half of your prospects and version “B” going out to the other half. In this case, you’d measure the effectiveness of each subject line by the open rates for each version.

The great thing about A/B testing is you can try it on your website’s landing pages, blog posts and even the services you emphasize as part of your messaging.

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to consider “out-of-the-box” or “up and coming” ways to meet leads where they feel comfortable engaging with you. Consider real-time messaging, interactive blog posts, interactive webinars, and email surveys.

  • Personalize the way you interact with and deliver content to each of your buyer personas.
  • Provide value to each of these personas during each of the stages of the buying process, while showing how your firm is the best solution for their needs.
  • Also, consider how different platforms like social media, email, blogs, and webinars might help you best reach your prospects, develop relationships and continue to produce the content your prospects will find interesting and worthwhile.

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