Do You Get A Bigger Or Separate Office?

So your law firm’s business is booming, you’re rolling in new clients and hiring additional staff members every day, and your office is starting to get a little cramped.

Guess what? It might be time to get a new office space.

While it’s exciting when your firm outgrows its space, finding a new office can also be a daunting and stressful task.

What’s better: getting a bigger or a separate office? What would be best for my firm’s staff?

It’s A Culture Consideration

Before you debate on whether to move into a bigger or a separate office, consider this:

  • What goals do you have for your law firm?
  • How do you want your staff to interact with each other and yourself?
  • What would be best for the future of your firm?

By laying out what you want for your firm and your employees, it’ll make deciding on what new office space you want much more organized and clear.

Bigger Office

When you need a new office space, your first thought might be to break your current lease and move into a bigger space, which can benefit your firm in a few ways.

       1. Keeps your team together

If your employees work well together, it might be ideal to keep them in a single location. A bigger office means you can still interact with your workers and they can continue collaborating without much change.

       2. Change of pace

When you get a separate office, you’re most likely going to keep your current office and get another space in a different location. Not much changes besides who works where.

However, when you get a bigger office, the change motivates your employees to be more productive and inspired.

Separate Office

Sometimes the need for a bigger space means a larger office, and sometimes it means leasing a separate office. Again, this depends on what you think works for your firm and staff, but a separate place has a few advantages:

          1. Keeps you in control

When you have an efficient work flow, leasing a separate office and splitting your staff might seem like the option you want to avoid.

However, organizing your staff into smaller, more manageable groups in separate offices can be a smart idea and gives you more control over your staff.

          2. New location means new clients

Even when you have a large following on social media, there’s nothing quite like leasing a separate office in another location to bring in more clients. For clients who are too far to reach, having a separate space attracts new customers and increases your opportunity to grow.

Whether you choose a bigger office or getting another office, moving into a new space is an achievement to celebrate.

Not sure if you should move into a bigger office or buy a separate office? Here at Law Firm Mentor, I’ll guide you in making the right choice for your law firm.