The Importance of Welcome Emails

You know what they say about first impressions— they’re a one-shot deal! And how you reach out to new subscribers in your email marketing campaign is no exception.

According to Email Marketing Benchmark reports, 88.22% of new subscribers open welcome emails but only 25.91% click through the content within the email. Does this mean you should scrap welcome emails altogether? Of course not!

Instead, here’s how you can create an engaging welcome sequence that’ll turn people who’ve just subscribed into long-time customers:

Email #1 – Thank You + Free Gift

Imagine this: you hold the door open for a stranger and they don’t say “Thank you” in return. You’d think this stranger was a little rude, right? The same goes with people who have just subscribed to your email campaign— they expect a “Thank You” email after they subscribe!

Not only does a “Thank You” email confirm they’ve successfully subscribed to your website, it also gives you the opportunity to offer them a bonus such as an ebook, PDF download or another useful tool that’ll keep them engaged.

Want to encourage them to use the free gift?
Add a written testimonial about the free gift you’re giving and ask them to email you about what they think after using your free gift. Your new subscriber will be more inclined to click through your content if they know others have used it and see that you want feedback.

Email #2 – Getting to Know You

“What’s the point of sending a ‘get to know me’ welcome email? Isn’t that what my website’s ‘About Me’ page is for?” Think again.

A welcome email with an anecdote that answers why you do what you do allows your new subscribers to connect with you on a personal level. You’re not just a person sending them emails— you’ve gone through struggles and have passions just like them! By understanding your motive behind what you do, new subscribers are more likely to find you relatable and stay engaged.