Creating Systems From The Bottom Up

After a long week, I bet you were hoping this was an email celebrating Friday and looking forward to a glass of wine, or two. Well, we’re almost there – but this is a different “Bottoms Up”. 

Many have asked me “How is your law firm built?” … “How do you train your staff?” … “What about employee attrition?”

There is one simple answer to this…. 

Bottoms Up!

When I say, “hire up,” what do I mean? Give your lowest paid, but competent employee more complex tasks. Train them to do various jobs has such as stuffing envelopes, assisting the filing of documents, and delivering documents to court. Why? This allows you to hire up in the company without the need to bring in new workers. It also breeds loyal employees.

One well-trained employee who will stick with your firm is worth 100 that would only stay with your firm for a few months.

This is a time-test method and will help your firm grow to reach your goals. It also adds something for your employee to look forward to. Everyone loves games. If you constantly give your employee something new to learn and master – it promotes the same mindset as if they were playing a game. They will want to do better because they are bettering themselves. It’s a win-win!