Soul Guided Meditation For Entrepreneurs With Allyson Scammell

Lawyers need an awareness of the different ways that you can integrate your whole self into the business of law. Today my guest is Allyson Scammell, a master intuitive business coach, a psychic medium, and an energy healer.

Let’s discuss amplifying your spiritual gifts, activating your big soul mission, and releasing the energy box tethering you down.


In this episode we discussed:

  • The four intuitive gifts and how to start using them.
  • Awareness of different ways that you can integrate these gifts into the business of law.
  • How to use your intuition to get more clients.
  • How to build trust in your gut.
  • How activating the right side of the brain by enjoying different activities, helps you to connect to your intuition. 

Allison Williams: [00:00:05] Hi, everybody, it’s Allison Williams here, your host of The Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast, Law Firm Mentor is a business coaching service for solo and small law firm attorneys. We help you to grow your revenues, crush chaos in business and make more money.


Allison Williams: [00:00:32] Welcome to another episode of The Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast. Today, I have a very special guest. My guest is someone that I connected with on social media, and she is somebody who is completely opposite to me in the sense that for anyone that’s been watching our live show or has been following this podcast, you know that I very much go into mindset principles, but we talk about strategy and tactical a lot. And I think that as, as we are working with more lawyers across the country, as we are getting greater results, one of the things that I am seeing that there is a need for is an awareness of the different ways that you can integrate your whole self into the business of law. So in other words, instead of just going to your intellectual self, also bringing in your spiritual self, your energetic self into how you are approaching clients, sales, and all of the parts of being a business owner that really revolve around you as a person. So with that, I connect it with Allyson, and I was really excited when she agreed to be on the podcast. I’m going to introduce you to her, and then I’m going to tell you a little bit about what we talked about so that when you start listening, you’re like, Not Oh God, what is this? Am I on the right podcast?


Allison Williams: [00:01:49] So my guest is Allyson Scammell, and Allyson is a master intuitive business coach, a psychic medium, and an energy healer. Her mission is to help soul-guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs get sold out with sole clients by amplifying their spiritual gifts, activating their big soul mission, and releasing the energy box, tethering them down. Across the world, Allyson has helped thousands of leaders and lightworkers to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way, using the sole prosperity pathway, a proven five-part framework to help solve guided entrepreneurs create sole client alchemy.


Allison Williams: [00:02:31] All right. So when I talked to Allyson in this episode, I was really just kind of blown away. I don’t usually let people use me as kind of the test dummy for different things that they want to do while they are demonstrating their skill set. But I went with it with Allyson because she’s kind of a cool person, and she was giving out so much value and I really wanted to have our audience actually see what that process was like. So of course, you’re not actually seeing this podcast. The podcast is audio-only, but you can definitely tell by listening to the show what it’s about.


Allison Williams: [00:03:02] So she’s going to walk through her process called the Soul Prosperity Pathway. This is how to use your intuition to get yourself more clients, and you’d be surprised how much easier it is to be in business when you are attracting the right clients. And there’s a way to do that, that really goes hand in hand with our ideal client avatar. So for those of you that haven’t downloaded the ideal client avatar worksheet, you can get that at Law Firm Mentor Dot Net Forward Slash Avatar. But I want you to have that and I want you to have this and put the two together. We covered a lot of different things, and probably one of my favorite, favorite parts of this discussion was when we talked about the four intuitive gifts and the ways that lawyers, in particular, tend to stay in one of those gifts, we tend to really be clear about our gut feelings, and a lot of us don’t trust our gut. But she talks about how to build the trust in your gut and how to use that to go to the proverbial gym, quote-unquote of intuition. So I want you to listen to this episode and for those of you that are already like turning off checked out, like, what the heck is this? Listen to it even if you listen with skepticism because something really magical is going to happen when you get dialed into a completely different way of thinking. But it really is just going to bring you into closer awareness of things that you’re already doing that you just don’t have a name for. All right. Enjoy.


Allison Williams: [00:04:33] Hi, Allyson Scammell. Welcome to The Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast.


Allyson Scammell: [00:04:39] I’m thrilled to be here. Thank you, Allison.


Allison Williams: [00:04:42] So of course, Allison and Allyson, nobody is getting confused. I don’t think because you have a much softer, sweeter, nicer voice than I do. But the beautiful thing about having you on. Not just because I love Allyson’s, is that you’re going to be talking to us about something that I think a lot of people don’t necessarily have a frame for when we think about growing a law firm. And there is so much in the realm of personal development and business coaching that people are drawing information from. So I really wanted to expose our audience to what I think is your zone of genius, which is bringing in other forms and just hardcore strategy tactics of marketing salespeople and systems, but really bringing in more of the holistic self. So with that, we’re going to dive right in. And the first question I want to ask you is, you know, just kind of knowing that you help clients go from $50000 a year to $50000 a month using the sole prosperity pathway. Introduce us to what that is and how do we use it?


Allyson Scammell: [00:05:37] Yeah. So thank you for the question and thank you for having me. I’m really excited. I, you know what I like to do with my own audience is really take, you know, more complex topics of intuition, spirituality, energy, energy vibrations, and bring them down into really practical. How do I implement them into my life, into my business to make more money and be able to serve more people and experience more joy in my business? And that’s really what the Soul Prosperity Pathway is. It’s got five parts, and it really, truly is a way to align your business, whatever your business in. I think especially for attorneys, this is such an important process because what it does is it gets you super clear about who you feel called to serve, who you feel most called like you get excited to get out of bed to help these people get really, really crystal clear on those clients that like how I describe it, you were like born to serve when you get the really the right ones. And I think we’ve all been there, anyone in the service-based business that, you know, when you get a like a difficult client, it can take something that you really enjoy doing it, doing and drain the joy from the process in seconds. But then you have that client where you feel so connected to and their pains become your pains because you want to help them so badly and that makes your, your work so fulfilling, right? So the soul. So this process really helps you decide, define, connect to who that person is.


Allison Williams: [00:07:22] I think there’s so much that you said there that, that our audience can draw from because we talk a lot about the ideal client avatar and being really clear about who that person is. I love the fact that you have a process for identifying that, that, that goes beyond what we, what we break down into in terms of geographics, demographics, and psychographics. It sounds like this is really a key lead into the psychographic portion of that.


Allyson Scammell: [00:07:47] Correct. And I, I love that you do this. So I say, I call the process finding your sole client avatar and it’s very similar, except for instead of using the, the questionnaire and getting in kind of nitty gritties, which I think is an important part of the process. So what I invite people to do is marry that, marry, that that exploration you’ve done into your ideal client avatar with something I call using energy and intuition to connect to your sole client avatar. And the cool thing about using energy and intuition is that when you feel unsure, or your second-guessing, or maybe you’re feeling called to pivot, I was working with this group of people. Now I’m feeling called to these over here. Energy and intuition will guide you when you’re feeling hazy, murky, unsure because it will guide you to your truth that will guide you to your alignment, and it will get you out of your thinking mind out of that rational thinking mind that sometimes starts, you know, it guides you down the wrong path, you know, you get over thinking about it. So this is a process of actually connecting energetically with your sole client avatar first, before you even meet them in physical form. And I will explain what I mean by that in a second, but I’m just going to stop there to see if, if you’re still with me, Allison.


Allison Williams: [00:09:21] Yeah, I’m definitely pacing with you. And you know, I think it’s so important that we cover this topic because so many times I think lawyers in particular, like we, we value rationality, we value logic, and we think that there’s a way to think our way out of any solution, out of any problem. And sometimes it is a thinking solution that will get you to the answer. But oftentimes, when we neglect the intuition side, we come up with an answer that feels right on paper for the moment, that’s really muddled by a lot of energetic feelings that we’re not tapping into. So I think having something that actually marries the two, the strategy, the tactical, the hardcore thinking side with our intuitive side is the best of both worlds.


Allyson Scammell: [00:10:03] I totally agree. I totally agree. And I think they are the perfect marriage and a lot of my clients kind of neglect the thinking logic. They go straight to the energy, and I’m the one that has to say, Well, OK, now it’s time to do some research. You know, now it’s time to go to the Googles or go to wherever it is, you go to find out about your audience so you know it can go both ways, right? And so I really do think it’s a beautiful marriage. So let me talk you through how you do this, how you do this, and if listeners, if you’re like, I’m not so sure about this, I invite you to try it. If you’re someone who thinks that you’re not a very intuitive person or you have a hard time tapping into your intuitive gifts, I promise you, you’re probably more intuitive than you think you are. You’re, you’re probably relying on intuition all the time or, you know, tapping into your intuitive voice, but just not recognizing it. We all do that.


Allison Williams: [00:10:53] So we definitely want to be listening up here because I know that they have probably already started to check out and say, Yeah, intuition, that’s a girl thing. I don’t do that. And guys, you have it just like we do. In fact, you’re just incentivized in the world we live in to use it, but it is absolutely fluidly available to both masculine and feminine. I just want to throw that out there. So let’s dive into what this is.


Allyson Scammell: [00:11:16] Yes. And I’m so glad you said that. And I will also say doing this, I can tell you from my life, my clients lives leads to more income. I mean, it’s not just a fun, touchy-feely thing to do. It actually produces results in your life. So a way we go. Ok, so I teach a five-step process for tapping into the energy of your sole client avatar. So we’ll just say for the purposes of keeping it all straight here that the ideal client avatar is the one you do your research. You know you’re, you’re doing your demographics, all that stuff, and you’ve got that, you’ve got that profile. Now we’ve got that energy, that feeling like what would feel the most amazing to work with this group of people. And that’s your intuition, which is going to guide you to that. So what you want to do to get into your intuition is always say, I always say it starts by going out of your mind. And what I mean by that is really slowing that thinking brain down because it will immediately. It’s, you know, it’s our brain is here to help you thrive or survive? So it’s it will automatically start calculating what it thinks the answer should be. But for this moment in time, we want to quiet that brain and give your intuitive voice your intuition that inner knowing from inside you, that comes from the feelings we want to get in, it speaks to us and whispers while the thinking mind speaks and sometimes loud shouts, Right, we want to tap into that whisper and we start by quieting that lizard, that reptilian, that fight or flight brain that most of us have going all the time, right? So how do you do that? Well, there’s a lot of different ways, but the easiest and the fastest is deep breaths, and you really want to focus on filling up the lower part of the belly.


Allyson Scammell: [00:13:12] It’s kind of how we’re really meant a lot of us breathe really up in the upper part of our chest. It’s actually not the, the optimal way to breathe. The optimal way to breathe is really to start on your lower diaphragm and the lower part of your belly, fill up the lower part of the belly of the middle and the upper and just really fill that, that whole oxygen cavity with air and just focus on that breath and you’re immediately just going to start slowing down. I mean, it’s just it’s an auto-response. And you’re immediately going to start getting quieter, even if you’re on like a busy subway or something, it’s like things are going to start slowing down, quieting down for you. That’s what you want. So just about three deep belly breaths, if you can do this from a place of quiet, you know, shut the door, if you have kids, lock it, you know, just get a private second for yourself. It’s, it’s a little bit easier.


Allyson Scammell: [00:14:12] And then the second thing you want to do is step two, I call the pivot down. Because our intuition, funny enough, I always say our intuition speaks to us kind of in the neck down. Our intuition speaks to us through our body, through our emotions. And so anything in the head is probably coming from the brain, which is not a bad thing. It’s just getting to recognize the various voices, right? So pivoting down and then I say, you place your awareness on your heart space, your heart chakra. That is the area at the center of your chest. Why do you do that? Because from an energetics perspective, that is the highest vibrational point in the energy body. This is backed by science. I’m not making this stuff up. Any sort of energy medicine will tell you this heart chakra space is really where our energy body is vibrating at the highest, which enables us to tap in most powerfully to our intuitive voice. We want to get our vibrations of raising, you know, we hear our intuitive voice when we’re calm, when we’re relaxed or when we’re happy, joyful. It’s hard to get that voice when we’re feeling stressed or anxiety or what, what we would call low vibrational emotions. So the deep breaths pivoting to the heart space and if you just place your awareness on your heart chakra, you probably will just feel you’re any sort of stress levels come down, even if it’s just a little bit. So if anything else, this is a good stress reduction practice. Yeah. Ok, so this is step two. Any questions before I go to step three?


Allison Williams: [00:15:45] Yeah. Well, I just want to comment on this that you know what you’re saying about the heart shock remains one hundred percent sense to me, and I’m sure it will make sense to anyone who’s a parent. Like, whenever you think about calming a baby, I always am miffed by the when I see people kind of shaking the baby and like banging the baby on the back of it. And I’m like, OK, why would that ever calm someone? But you know, when you just take a baby and skin to skin, lay them on your chest and, and then you synchronize your heartbeats. That’s actually one of the most common things that you can do. So and you know, this is not, this is not me. This is pediatricians. I’ve heard this from many of my clients that work in childhood early development. You know, this is a very common practice and so this absolutely aligns with that.


Allyson Scammell: [00:16:28] Yes, it’s, it’s a great analogy. You put the baby right there. It’s the highest vibrational. She, she the baby, he or she experiences that. And I’ve actually heard like hospitals, like real hospitals, not holistic health clinics, when they’re not sure what’s wrong with the baby, like it’s sick and they can’t find a diagnosis or they can’t find like, what’s wrong that they’ll just have the mother do that, you know, just like, you know, put put the baby on the chest just because it’s going to probably help whatever you know, until they figure out what’s wrong. So one hundred percent correct. So going on to step three is simply setting the intention, setting the intention to connect to the energy of your sole client avatar. Now, this is where you might be like, Well, I don’t know. I need proof. You know, the brain always wants proof. I need proof that this is going to work, or I’m not sure about this, or I don’t know who my sole client avatar is. So how can I do this? I’m telling you if you can quiet those. That, that doubting mine for a sec and if your mind is really doubting the process, take a couple of deep breaths, go back to the heart space, and let your energy guide. You let the intuition guide you and just say I intend to connect to the energy of my sole client avatar and the energy will do the work.


Allyson Scammell: [00:17:51] You’re opening yourself up, you’re opening your emotions up, you’re opening your intuition up to connect to that energy that you’re really designed to serve. I believe that we are born with a unique genius, a zone of genius. A lot of people believe this right? And I believe that our genius is not made for everybody. Kind of wish it was, but it wasn’t. And it’s designed for a unique set of people, and I believe these people are the sole client avatars. They’re the ideal client avatars talking about the same thing here and this, and it’s like, where, where we’re reaching out to a puzzle piece, you know, that comes together and our genius is designed to help them fulfill their dreams and alleviate their pains. So you’re just allowing your energy to guide you to that, even if you’re second-guessing this process, even if you’re completely unsure, just try it with an open mind and see what happens. See what comes through. So Allison, can we do this together? Can I do it with you? Sure. Why not? And we’ll just see what comes through, and I’ll take you through the process and I’ll take you to step four and five. But it’s good to have somebody to demonstrate the process with. If you’re a willing candidate,


Allison Williams: [00:19:00] I am absolutely a willing candidate.


Allyson Scammell: [00:19:03] Ok, so you guys know the first three steps I’m going to take Allison through the first three steps and then I’ll, I’ll share with you what four and five is. So we’re going to start with one and listeners feel free to do this with us. Take some deep breaths. If anything, it will calm your stress levels a little bit. And then we’ll go to step two and we’ll pivot down and just place your awareness on your heart chakra. You can imagine you’re just kind of sinking into your heart space or your, your perspective is now coming from your heart instead of your head like you’re just sinking into your body, feeling inside your body. And then, Allison, I invite you to just being open, being experimental, see where this leads. I invite you to connect to the energy of your sole client avatar. So this energy is a composite of a lot of different people, all coming together to really create the energetic frequency of that person that you are really born to serve. That just makes you, gives you joy to serve them. And, and, and really, your genius is a perfect match for their pain points and their desires. All right.


Allison Williams: [00:20:22] All right.


Allyson Scammell: [00:20:23] Yay. Ok, so are you feeling that.


Allison Williams: [00:20:26] I am feeling it? Ok, cool. Ok, now we’re going to share with you real quick feedback, right? So the last time we were able to do live events as a company was in March of 2020, we literally had our last in-person event the week before, at least in the state of New Jersey. Our governor put in the, the shutdown order, and it was really like a merger of people in that room that came in. And I was like, Yes, like that. That imagery very instant.


Allyson Scammell: [00:20:56] That is totally your intuitive gifts they just, they just gave you a little piece of the pie, they just gave you some clarity. That’s perfect, OK? Keeping with that energy, with that vision that came in staying in the heart space. I’m going to go to step four. Step four in the process was just simply ask your sole client avatar or avatars so you can have more than one ask him or her or them a question. So I’m going to ask your sole client avatar a question. Then I invite you to just staying in those lower parts of your body, staying in the body, staying in the heart space. What I say, you are going to perceive what you received, be coming back in response. So you’ve got a vision, that’s one way you see your intuitive responses. Another way is to hear messages, that’s the second way. The third way we tend to receive intuitive messages is through feeling sensing. I just feel I got a gut feeling right. We’ve all had those. And then lastly, you just get a knowing. I just know that this is the answer, and that’s, that’s the, that inner knowing kicks in. So noticing if you’re kind of seeing, hearing, sensing, knowing, or combination thereof, Allison, I’m going to ask your sole client avatar, what is your name given name?So it’s always nice to start with the name.


Allison Williams: [00:22:21] This person’s name is Stacy.


Allyson Scammell: [00:22:24] I love Stacey. So, Stacey, I’m going to be talking to you and Alison, you’re just letting me know what you’re like, what your gut responses are, what what’s coming through intuitively. So Stacey, what’s your. So this is kind of, you know, you can, you can start with more softball questions, but I’m going to go to like kind of the heart of the question that you really want to ask your client avatar. Stacey, what is your biggest pain point that I’m really that Allison is really designed to help you with?


Allison Williams: [00:22:54] So I have complete chaos in my law firm. I come to work, I work hard, but I don’t ever seem to make more money. I don’t ever seem to have more time. I’m stressed. I’m overwhelmed. I feel incompetent because I can’t ever seem to get my bearings. I want to have a completely different life with far more opulence, far more freedom, and I really want to enjoy my business again. I feel like this is just drudgery and I want to escape it.


Allyson Scammell: [00:23:24] Girl, this is good. I feel like this is drudgery. So I have a hunch here that you are on a very aligned path with your business. You have got your sole client avatar.


Allison Williams: [00:23:37] Absolutely. And in fact, even though I didn’t go through this five-step process, which I think is amazing, I definitely did the, the intellectual version of it, which is the focus group and going out and getting people that I resonated with as a person and asking them, what is it that you do? And some people had pain points that I intellectually could solve, but I just had no interest in solving, right? So it was very much like feel the person, find the person, and then get from them what their pain point is and I looked for what I felt most excited by in the people that I spoke to before I actually created my business. So I created my business around what I enjoyed rather than kind of the flip side, which is I got to make money, so let me just go, do something, and then find my way to the right person later.


Allyson Scammell: [00:24:21] Oh, my God, you did it, I mean, you did the intuitive process following that joy feeling, that feeling of joy is always going to send you, connect you to your soul client avatar. You just used a slightly different process to get to the same conclusion.


Allison Williams: [00:24:38] But that’s what I tell clients all the time. I’m like, It’s easy when you enjoy it. And the problem is that we think that we have to get to a place of solving all the problems to enjoy it. But I tell people all the time being in business is about solving problems. If you’re not solving a problem in your business, you’re either abdicating or ignoring it or your business is dying because you aren’t creating new problems. So we’re always in a state of solving problems, and when we are in that state, we have to enjoy the process of solving the problems. But we can’t get there when we’re in that stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, you know, foggy kind of energy. We really do have to learn the joy and then live the joy through all of the journey. And that’s what makes it easy.


Allyson Scammell: [00:25:23] Yes, yes, beautiful. And so if you’re someone who like, wants to feel the joy and wants to have a client that brings them joy or working with that client is joyful. This is a process as well that will kind of help you tap into that because you’re in that your heart space is a, is a joy, it’s a space of joy. When we’re really connected to our heart energy, where we’re allowing and feelings of joy and then connecting to that perfect client, really, that idealist of ideal clients is really going to be working with this person, it’s going to bring me joy. So I want to try something else with you, Allison, because you are an advanced student in this. You are a master in this, and this is why you teach it to others and I’m happy you do. Stay in your heart space, I’m still talking to Stacey now. So here’s another powerful question to ask your sole client avatar. So the first one I asked Allison, and she already got to question number two. You already answered it. So what are your what’s your biggest pain that I’m uniquely designed to help you solve? What’s your biggest desire? And you already said, you know, I want joy in my business, I want freedom, I want to escape the drudgery. That was such a great line. So a third question that’s super powerful to ask your sole client avatar is what do you need for me? And on a deeper level, it’s like, what do you need from my gifts? What do you need for my genius? So asking Stacey, What do you need from Allison?


Allison Williams: [00:26:47] So what I need is I need to be heard. I need, I need a strategy. I need, you know, I need to know what to do and how to do it. But I also need to develop the confidence to be able to do it even when I don’t trust in myself that I can. And that’s what I can draw from her.


Allyson Scammell: [00:27:10] That’s amazing. Now you already have a very clear brand and website that says all these things, but if I were working with you and you’re my client, I would say, Oh my gosh, put all this on your website. It’s so amazing. It’s so clear. It feels so clear and to me, it feels like from an energetic perspective, I guess I’ll say it feels very aligned like you are in real alignment with your business. And whenever that happens, that’s when we get whenever we really align energetically to our business. That’s when we get the 50K months. That’s when we go from the 50K years to the 50K months because that alignment just accelerates the abundance.


Allison Williams: [00:27:50] It does.


Allyson Scammell: [00:27:50] It really does. So that’s why if this feels touchy-feely, well, that’s OK. But it can actually lead to a lot of income.


Allison Williams: [00:27:59] And for those of you that are like kind of in your head because there are a lot of our there are a lot of people that listen to this podcast that are like chronic over-thinkers and live in the, you know, I’ve got to, I’ve got to see the pathway, I’ve got a know step by step what to do. I will tell you this that one of the things that we also very much promote here at Law Firm Mentor is the idea that when you are happy, you are at your most magnetic. And a lot of, a lot of what stops people from executing strategy successfully is when they are so stressed and anxious that what comes through and what reverberates to other people is almost like a disconnect between what they want and what they are actually aiming for, what they’re, what they’re doing. So. Perfect example is with sales, right? When you, when you’re having a conversation with someone and you’re asking them the questions to get at the heart of what they need and what you’re going to be able to help them with. And you have all of this, I got to get them told, I got to get them sold energy. You’re putting out something that’s inconsistent with the level of confidence you’re trying to convey to them, and they perceive that, they perceive that dissonance, they perceive that there’s a disconnect, that you’re not quite truthful, that you’re not quite trustworthy. And a lot of that has to deal with the fact that when you live in anxiety, you put out messages that are very distracting people are repelled by that. So you draw people into you naturally, your employees, your, your vendors, your clients naturally when you are in your happy state.


Allyson Scammell: [00:29:24] Beautiful, I mean, you’re saying it this again, getting to the real heart of this energetic process, and I’m so glad you used the word magnetism. This process really turns you what you want to become as the magnet. And your magnet, magnetizing just the right people into your business, into your law firm. And anybody who’s not your people, you don’t want them. They, they go to a different law firm, right? Because you want your, you’re magnetizing just those right people in and it’s like you’re putting out a bat signal, right? And that bat signal is being found by just the right person. The more you’re in your joy and the more you’re in your gifts and the more you’re in alignment. So meaning like you are speaking to this person, like I said, Allison, like your business feels so aligned. I mean, this is what I do in my business is I help people find energetic alignment, and I would just totally give you a gold star right now, like you have, you have real alignment in your business. And I, I suspect your business is quite successful.


Allison Williams: [00:30:26] Yeah, yeah.


Allyson Scammell: [00:30:29] Because you’re putting out a yes, you’re putting out a super clear bat signal that your people can just pick up. And then you want your people to self-select when they hear you, When you said the word drudgery, I got the intuitive hit that your, your soul clan avatar. Really, that’s a huge pain point of hers or his like life feels like drudgery. So using that specific word in your marketing and your sales copy, they’re going to, they’re going to self-select and be like, Oh, yes, that’s me. Like, Let me keep reading, let me get closer to this person. Let me go to the next step in the journey.


Allison Williams: [00:31:04] Yeah. And by the way, you guys were since we’re kind of we’re marrying the two sides here. It is very much the case that when Allyson says you would put this in your marketing, this is something that you can start to do right now. You can, if you want to go to like doing the energetic process, but then taking it to the granular, step by step. I want you to do a brain dump and just get those get the ideal client avatars words out of you through their voice, through their pain, so that when you’re speaking to people, it’s a laser hit. The person doesn’t say you’re one of a thousand lawyers. That could help me. They say, this is the one for me because what I read is who I am.


Allyson Scammell: [00:31:44] Yes, yes, yes, it’s so good. Yes, it’s like dating, you’re looking for your, you know, you’re looking for the perfect match. You really are. And then when you start working with people who just light you up and it can be hard when business feels slow or you’re first getting started, you want to say yes to everybody because you want to get the sale. Trust me, I know I’ve been there, but then you get that client who drains the life force out of you and that takes your magnetism away. You know, that takes drains the joy of the journey pretty soon. You know, the money they’re paying really doesn’t feel worth it, right? So, so being really picky. Having that red velvet rope up, only allowing in, you know, in your exclusive club, only allowing in those sole client avatars is going to keep you in that magnetic energy. And it’s going to have the effect of attracting more and more people. And you’re telling the universe, if you will, you know, if you want to take a little kind of like if you’re, if you’re thinking about the law of attraction or anything like that, you are like sending a message to the universe, this is my person. I’m saying yes to this person and this person only and the universe will send you more of that person. And this is something I see a thousand times in my business and with clients, it’s just it works.


Allison Williams: [00:33:06] Yeah, so I want to shift now a little bit, because one of the things that I know that you have an expertise in that I really I’ve been following you online for a while. That’s how we actually connected. And I know that you talk a lot about intuition. So you started that process and talking about the energetic process of getting to your ideal sole avatar. But let’s talk about the intuitive gifts, because I’ve heard you talk about the four intuitive gifts. I want to know what they are and ultimately, how do we tap into them so that we can get to that, that more client base, right? That larger client base?


Allyson Scammell: [00:33:37] Yes. And I’ll just say your intuition wants you to be wealthy. That is so true. I mean, the universe wants you to be wealthy. So the more you tap into this voice and are guided by that voice and not that like again, that that lizard, that monkey mind, lizard brain that’s always in fight or flight mode. It’s always it’s that sort of it’s not a bad voice, it serves a purpose, but that, that thinking brain voice isn’t necessarily going to guide you to your, your, your happy path. Your intuitive voice always will guide you to that happy path than when you’re in that on that happy path. That’s when abundance resources money really starts to come in with joy and ease. So there are four primary intuitive gifts, and certainly you can receive messages from your intuition a thousand different ways. If you’re relatively new to this, I invite you to start here because normally we receive messages in some way, shape, or form in one of these four categories. So the first and you’ve I’m sure you’ve all heard of clairvoyance. Now, you just got Allison just got a clairvoyant hit earlier when she got the vision of that live event, March 2020.


Allyson Scammell: [00:34:49] If I were you, Allison, I would go back into that vision. And is there any other messages in there? Like, Is there anything else your, your intuition wanted you to get from that an idea, a person, a feeling you never know, like our intuitive hits normally have a lot of messages for us, and that’s actually a very advanced gift that you have, Allison. Normally, the clairvoyant is our gifts grow and develop. They’re like anything. They are a muscle. And the more you flex that muscle, the more powerful they become. And I’m going to talk in one second about the importance of going to the gym of your intuition. But I would say the, the kind of the. Typically, for the average person, the last of the four gifts to develop is that clairvoyant where you’re actually getting visions, and you know, the visions can be of, you know, any sort of message that wants to come through from, from that intuitive voice. The second intuitive gift is called clairaudient, and that means you hear messages. For a long time, that was my dominant gift. I would hear messages from my higher self, from my intuition. And that is just, you know, messages come through.


Allyson Scammell: [00:36:06] And that’s a, a gift that, again, if you want to if you feel like your intuitive gifts are closed off and you want to open them up a little bit, you absolutely are able to do that by going to that gym of your intuition. The sec, the third gift, rather, is that clairsentient. Now most people, I would say, rely on this. We all rely on this, but I would say most people this would probably be your dominant gift. I feel it, I sense it. Everybody’s got access to this gift, that gut feeling, I felt it in my bones, I just had this hunch. That is your clairsentient. Now what can happen is people want, the brain wants evidence that this is real. I need to see evidence that this is real. Otherwise, I can’t trust it, right? But so many of us get intuitive hits from our senses that it’s an easy thing to second guess. It’s easy to say, Well, I think my intuition is saying this, but I’m not sure. So I just invite people in a really start trusting your senses, you know, like it’s trusting your gut instincts. That is your intuitive voice talking to you.


Allison Williams: [00:37:24] Oh my god. And then this is like, So this is so my audience. It’s like, it’s crazy. The number of lawyers that we talked to that will say this feels like the right thing for me to do, but I have to go do my due diligence right. I have to go, I have to go get data to confirm what I am feeling. And I tell them all the time, you know, there’s always going to be a data hit that’s going to agree and disagree with what you are feeling. There’s always, because there’s always someone at the same time in the same place having a different feeling than you do. So when we rely on our, our guts, right, when we when we really tap into that and say something led me here, intellectual data came in, things came in through my mind, and then I filtered it through the lens of my gut. It is almost always going to be the thing that serves you most rather than I have a gut feeling. And then I go, try to look for something because what you’re really doing when you do that is, you’re trying to, you’re trying, you’re using your analytical frame, but you’re typically using it through the lens of whatever programing you have, right, whatever your subconscious programing is leaning toward. So if your subconscious programming wants to keep you safe, then anything that’s different than what you already know exists is going to say. Here’s the thing that’s analytically different than your gut feeling, and therefore you should not trust it. And so trusting the gut is something that we have to work really, really hard to develop in our clients. I just I wanted to share that because I just, I just had this gut feeling. Trust your gut, trust your, trusting your gut gets you a lot further, a lot faster than people realize.


Allyson Scammell: [00:38:57] One hundred percent. One hundred percent. I couldn’t agree more. And if you the more you start with intention trusting that gut, like, I don’t know about this, but I’m going to trust it anyway. You build the trust muscle and when you have the courage to do that because sometimes it takes real courage to follow through on what the gut is calling you to do. When you have that courage, you will get rewarded. You will get rewarded time and time again because when you get past that discomfort, you know, because our higher self isn’t here to make life easy, right? Our higher self wants us to grow, wants us to expand, it wants us to push our edges. So when it’s calling us to our edge and we say, All right, I’m going to do it and you get to that edge and you push out and you get to the other side. There’s always a reward. Your reward is growth and normally with growth becomes more wealth, deeper connections, more joy. So you do get rewarded for this trust process. And I will say the fourth intuitive gift then, is the clear cognizant. That’s another one that we can kind of deny. And that is the inner knowing. It just you just get like, it’s like, I just know I can’t tell you how I know, but I know, that is like, you know, and sometimes you’ll hear about downloads, you’ll hear, you know, spiritual people will be like, Well, I got a download.


Allyson Scammell: [00:40:19] Meaning, you know, this insight, this kind of deep and meaningful insight just came to me. That’s a clear your, your I call it like it’s like your higher self as a thumb drive, and it just stuck the thumb drive into your like awareness in your conscious awareness, clicked download and then all of a sudden you’re like, Boom, yeah, OK. I’ve got this awareness now in this moment I didn’t have two moments ago. And that’s a really powerful gift that pretty much everybody have, has access to. Even if you feel like you’re totally closed off from this stuff, you’ve got clear cognizant gifts and it’s just a process of recognizing it and trusting, trusting that it’s real and it will grow. When you start to trust, the gifts will grow. It’s like you can look at it. You know that that intuitive gift is like, really, it’s nonphysical and form. So we have our physical body and it’s a nonphysical intelligence.


Allyson Scammell: [00:41:18] And if you, if you kind of see yourself as a Figure-eight, this is how I experience it. I’ve got my little, I’m wearing my little infinity eight necklace right now. It’s like half an infinite, infinity eight represents the human experience like we’re energetic beings having a physical, a human experience, if you’re if that feels more or less true to you. So you want to see your human self, that physical side of you, your rational thinking, your personality, your ego, that’s half, that’s one circle of the eight. And then there’s the spiritual self, this energetic, this intuition, your feelings. And that always knows it’s the all knowing and it’s always knows what’s in your highest and greatest good. And we’re having this experience where the two are kind of coming together and you can see your intuitive gifts as the connection between the two circles of the eight. And it’s like a door, right? And the more you can open up that door from your physical self to your human self, the, the, the more your intuition flows through. So building your intuitive gifts, which I can talk about in just a sec, how you do that opens that door. So this intuition, it just starts flowing back and forth without any second guessing and, and all of a sudden you’re on your way.


Allison Williams: [00:42:36] Yeah. So let’s talk about how to get into these gifts because without, with, with the description that you’ve given, I think clairsentient is probably, like you said, the one that people rely on the most, and it’s the one that most people on some level will at some point trust their gut. Right? There are oftentimes going to overthink before they get there, but then they at some point just say, I’m going to do this, even though it data is telling me something else. But the others, I think, are going to be much more of a challenge for, for those people that are really closed off from their feeling side. So let’s talk about how one can tap into their intuitive gifts.


Allyson Scammell: [00:43:11] Yeah. So there’s a lot of different ways. If you are someone who doesn’t really like to sit still and deep breathe, I’m not even talking about meditation.


Allison Williams: [00:43:20] Breathing is not on the, on the agenda for today.


Allyson Scammell: [00:43:23] If you are, someone is just like, That’s just not me. Great, I have, I have suggestions for you. There are things that you can do on the daily and ideally on the daily. And this is when I get into the going to the gym of your intuition, where you exercise it for a few minutes or longer every day or a few times a week, it’s going to open up that door. That door to your intuition is going to start to crack open wider, and wider, and wider. So let’s start with the people who aren’t into the whole deep breathing meditation. I get you, I’m with you. I have times where I just don’t feel like sitting and breathing. Movement. Movement in nature, ideally. But if you’re someone who likes to go to a gym and there is a specific you like to row, or you like to go on the treadmill, go there. If there’s a particular sport, or movement, or dance, or yoga that just kind of brings you joy. You’re able like if you’re very stressful and you do that sport or that activity, you just kind of reset enables you to reset. You are tapping into your intuition through that movement. You are typically, I suspect, you’re not really thinking, you know, like if you’re someone who loves to play basketball or loves to play tennis. I suspect when you’re really in the like having a good game, you’re not really thinking you are in your intuition, you are in your body, you are connecting to that intuitive part of you.


Allyson Scammell: [00:44:47] So you can just like, be in the movement and just sort of notice. What are the insights that come to you when you’re in a really juicy place of movement? Like for me, I love to walk my dog in nature. And when I do that, I actually I don’t just go through the motions and just, you know, pick up the poop and, you know, whatever, like I, I set the intention before I walk my dog in nature that this is a time for me to check in with my intuition. And I just come into the present moment. You know, the present moment, you know, always helps you come out of your thinking mind. So you’re just say, I’m going to come into the present moment, I’m going to do this sport. I’m going to do this movement, this dance, this walk in the trees, the forest on the beach, and you are connecting to your intuition. So movement and especially if it’s movement that you enjoy doing, not like, oh, I got to go to the gym and I’m going to do the treadmill, even though I hate it, that’s, that’s not going to do it for you. Finding movement that you really enjoy, will help you connect to your intuition. Now, if you’re someone like, Well, I’m not a big sports person, I got you, I got you covered. Any sort of activity that engages your right brain. We spend most of our day in our left brain, you know, and we’re plugged in or a computer, whether we’re working on a case or doing a sales copy or something, that’s all pretty left-brain stuff.


Allyson Scammell: [00:46:13] So we want to get your right brain engaged, that’s going to help you connect to your intuition. So what are some of the things that does that drawing, if you’re someone that likes art, painting, coloring like adult coloring is something I got into with my daughter during the pandemic. And that really, doing a puzzle. These are things that will connect you to your right brain, and again, I invite you not to just go through the motions of it, just say like, I’m going to sit down now and I’m going to do a little painting and I’m just going to kind of be mindful. I’m going to connect to my intuition, I’m just going to sink into my body, be in my body, you know, focused on that neck down right in my body, and I’m going to paint and I’m just going to allow any intuitive insights to come through. I’m not attached. I’m not like, you know, aha moments please arrive now. I’m just going to be in my body and have some intuitive insight wants to come through. I am ready to receive. And then I’ll give you one last thing, one last thing, and that is the process I went through with Allison to connect your sole client avatar is the exact same to connect to your higher self, to your intuitive voice.


Allyson Scammell: [00:47:31] So if you’re OK with a little deep breathing that it’s just a five-step process of step one deep breaths, step two pivot your awareness down to some lower part of your body, whether it be your heart or your gut, or just sinking into your body being in your body. Step three is setting the intention to connect to your intuitive voice, setting the intention to connect to your intuition. Step four is ask your intuition questions, you know, like what should I do with this client who is, I’m struggling with and I don’t know what to do. Like, what guidance can you give me to be able to serve them better? I mean, as specific work questions to your intuition, it will guide you, will guide you to the right answer. And then step five, I say, is perceiving what you’re receiving to come back as a response. So then that gets into those four gifts again. Do you see something? Do you hear something? Do you feel something? You know, something? And sometimes our intuition doesn’t want to answer in the moment, there’s some reason. So just being open and aware in a day or two, the answer might come, and it can come in a sign like sometimes I will ask my intuition something and then I’ll be at the grocery store and overhearing the conversation behind me. And I’ll be like, Oh yeah, that’s the answer. So our intuition is always going to respond to us, but it may not respond the way you think it will. But the answer will always come back and it’s just our job to notice and see the answer when it arrives.


Allison Williams: [00:49:02] Yeah. So not, not getting it the way you want it, right? I used to, I used to. This is kind of like going harkening back to childhood. But you know, I grew up Catholic, and one of the things that I always experience is very different is a lot of my most of my relatives were Protestant, and so when I would go to their churches, they would, they would give me kind of the way of the world there. And one of the things that I would hear a lot when I would hear pastors give these very eloquent speeches and their, their, their, their sermon for the day, they would say, you can’t dial a prayer, right? You can’t, you can’t just like, put it on a card and like, mail it to God and say, OK, great, I want it in three to five business days. Like it doesn’t work that way. Like you have to, you have to. What you’re really doing is opening up to everything that’s coming into you, and it’s going to oftentimes come in from a place that you didn’t necessarily put it out to, right? You’re always receiving.


Allyson Scammell: [00:49:57] One hundred percent. I love this, this example of what I’m, what I was talking about earlier, you’re always receiving. And so it’s just like our, our invitation is just to be open, open to sometimes the answer hits us in the face and we’re just like, I’m looking for the answer and I can’t find it and it’s hitting us in the face. And at a certain point, your higher self will really start walloping you if you’re not paying attention.


Allison Williams: [00:50:23] Yeah. Well, I always this is kind of like the perfect, the perfect description of what I tell people. You know, if you don’t deal with your shit, it deals with you. So the whole lot of people that like stick their head in the sand and play the ostrich and then it’s like, OK, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. Like, take your head out of the sand. That would help.


Allyson Scammell: [00:50:41] Yes. Yes, absolutely. I will say a couple of other tricks, too. If you feel like you’re some troubleshooting techniques for like, is this my intuition or not, our body, if you sit up straight, you’re sitting in a chair and you just sit up straight. The best way if you’re not really sure what is coming from your intuition or your, you’re feeling second-guessing. Go to yes, no questions. Make it easy for your higher self to respond to you. Yes, no. Questions are a great way to do it, and you can get very, very, very specific with some good, some well worded. Yes, no questions about any problem you have. And if your body feels like it wants to lean forward, that’s your intuition saying yes, and if your body feels like it wants to lean backwards, that’s your body saying no. Another troubleshooting technique is asking your higher self a question or intuition a question. Sinking to the body. Does it feel light, expansive, freeing like, you’re, you’re being released from a cage? That is a yes response. If it feels heavy weighing you down, you’re being put into a cage, that is a no response from your intuition. So you can always get the answer, even if you’re feeling super second-guessing with it all.


Allison Williams: [00:52:00] Oh wow. So Allyson Scammell, we have been talking about how we can use the other part of ourselves, the part that is often neglected when we are in business trying to be successful as law firm owners. And what I absolutely love about talking to you is that you gave us so many different strategies for how we can tap into our intuitive gifts, how we can ultimately learn and connect with our soul avatar. And this is exactly the type of next-level strategy that people really have to be aware of to make it easier because we really hear it Law Firm Mentor. We’re committed to the idea that it’s not always going to be easy on the journey to growing a business. However, you can do things to make it easier for yourself, and when you start to apply these strategies, you actually get there. So I want to thank you so much for being with us here on the Crushing Chaos Law Firm Mentor podcast. Please tell our audience how they can get a hold of you if they want to learn more if they want to work with you about this, this very important topic.


Allyson Scammell: [00:52:55] Well, this has been such a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. I really love speaking to audiences who are, you know, they’re like, Hey, I like this stuff. But like, you know, give me, give me, give me some, you know, some data, some scientific background proof, like, I like speaking to audiences who are wanting some practicality because that’s totally where I come from, too. And so it’s been such a pleasure. Thank you so much. If anyone of your listeners wants to get a hold of me, I have a really cool, free gift at the moment and it’s an energy upgrade meditation. So it’s a very short, very simple, guided meditation. You can listen to it in your office, in the car, it’s an active meditation. And it actually helps you to release any of the stress or anxiety that might be weighing you down. So you can go to that heart space, kind of go to that place of joy, and calm, and peace, and really tap into those intuitive gifts we were talking about. So you can grab that free guided meditation download at my website. Allyson Scammell dot com, That’s A L L Y S O N S C A M M E L L dot com. 


Allison Williams: [00:54:10] All right. I’m sorry. Go ahead.


Allyson Scammell: [00:54:11] And I would love for you to try it out and then shoot me an email and tell me how it went, how the meditation felt.


Allison Williams: [00:54:18] Yeah, so everyone, we are going to make sure that you have the information on Allyson’s website, as well as how to get the free download in the show notes to today’s episode. And we are just so excited again, so very grateful that Allyson Scammell, came on today to talk to us about the Soul Avatar and the four intuitive gifts. Allyson, thank you for being here and for everyone listening. Again, thank you for tuning in, as always, to The Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast. I am Allison Williams your Law Firm Mentor. Have a great day!


Allison Williams: [00:54:56] Thank you for tuning in to The Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast to learn more about today’s show and take advantage of the resources mentioned. Check out our show notes. And if you enjoy today’s episode, take a moment to follow the podcast wherever you get your podcasts and leave us a rating and review. This helps us to reach even more law firm owners from around the country who want to crush chaos in business and make more money. I’m Allison Williams your Law Firm Mentor, everyone. Have a great day.


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Allyson Scammell is a master intuitive business coach, psychic medium, and energy healer. Her mission is to help soul-guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs get sold out with soul clients by amplifying their spiritual gifts, activating their big soul mission, and releasing the energy blocks tethering them down.

Across the world, Allyson has helped thousands of leaders and lightworkers to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way using the Soul Prosperity Pathway – a proven 5-part framework to help soul-guided entrepreneurs create soul client alchemy.

Allyson is the founder of the Soul Guide Academy and is well versed in the complexity of discovering one’s soul mission. Using her genuinely unique perspective of the world, she shares priceless wisdom and insight regularly on Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul-guided influencers ready to unlock massive soul-aligned success.


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But I tell people all the time being in business is about solving problems. If you’re not solving a problem in your business, you’re either abdicating or ignoring it or your business is dying because you aren’t creating new problems. So we’re always in a state of solving problems, and when we are in that state, we have to enjoy the process of solving the problems. But we can’t get there when we’re in that stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, you know, foggy kind of energy. We really do have to learn the joy and then live the joy through all of the journey.