Crush Chaos and Win Back Your Free Time

Are you finding that you are spending more time than you like putting out unnecessary fires and less time for yourself? Chaos is running rampant at your firm and it is starting to wear you down. If this sounds all too familiar then I encourage you to continue reading…

A system is the foundation of a firm’s processes and procedures. When systems are disrupted by inefficiencies, chaos runs rampant causing owners to stop what they are doing to fix a problem that others should be able to take care of. Chaos is a recurring issue I see plaguing law firm systems. It is a huge disadvantage at achieving a law firm that is self-sufficient without having owners be involved at every step in the process.  

I bet you are now wondering where to go from here. First step is to snuff out the culprit causing the chaos that is diverting your time away from what is important to you. 

Where Chaos Strikes

If there are many areas that could be improved in your law business, then it may be a serious challenge to pinpoint where the chaos lies. The chaos could lie with a team member, a process, or a system (or lack thereof), so you’ll have to take a deep dive into your business to get some clarity on what is causing all the chaos.

Need some tips? Take a look at some common reasons why chaos might be happening in your business:

You Wear All the Hats

As an owner, you probably have your hands on a million different things at once. From budgeting reports to payroll, there’s a strong chance that you might handle all of it. But as you’re trying to find the culprit to the chaos within your business, sometimes it’s as simple as you’re wearing too many hats. While it’s easy to fall into this trap where you want to do everything yourself—maybe because you want things done right—it’s important to break the cycle, trust in your team members, and ease up on your responsibilities. If trust is the issue, then you may want to spend more time teaching and educating your team.

Growth Isn’t Where You Want It

Let’s say that you’re closing sale after sale and your client list is growing by the day. While this might be exciting news, that means the chaos is about to get even worse in a hurry. Building revenue and adding more clients may show growth, but if things are chaotic, then this isn’t the growth you necessarily need at this point in time. Just remember, new clients mean more fulfillment needs; do you have what it takes to give the client the level of service they deserve? If not, then you should focus on building the right systems and processes within before growing with clients you can’t handle.

Technology is the Downfall

While you use the advanced technology of today to improve processes, become more efficient, and boost productivity, sometimes technology can be the chaos culprit you never expected. If technology is misunderstood and it isn’t leveraged properly, then it can actually be very counterproductive for your team. Be sure that you understand the technology you utilize and try to decipher if it’s making things easier or more difficult within your business.

Crush Chaos Today with Systems!

You’ll hear this time and time again: systems is your ticket to law firm success! Once you harness the power of systems, you can help to tackle that detrimental chaos and gain back that free time that you haven’t seen in months!

It Starts with a Solid Foundation

While law firm owners may build a system and it immediately fails, it’s because they didn’t take the time to build a solid foundation for the systems that should run their day-to-day operations and run the people that operate them. From personal experience, you MUST put in the WORK to truly see the results you so desperately want.

If your free time is spent putting out fires and cleaning up messes made by others, it may not be because you have the wrong team, it may be because you don’t have a solid foundation of the right systems in place.

Sit down with your team, think about the day-day-day operations of your business, and take time to build systems geared towards your team and geared towards crushing the chaos!

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