Fast Track Your Growth and the Growth of Your Firm

Are you one of those people that wants to do it all? Do you go above and beyond at everything that you do? Do you accept challenges, then work your butt off to tackle them? If you’re a law firm business owner, then this probably fits your description. But although it’s great to have confidence in yourself to be able to do it all; sometimes it can become overwhelming and you fall short and become nearsighted. 

When you’re the one in charge, people rarely tell you you’re wrong. When you’re the one calling the shots and doing all the work, you can get caught up in routine and forget to take a step back to look at the big picture. What needs improvement? What do I need to do to improve? What needs to change in order for my business to grow? Sometimes we need to enlist the help of someone who isn’t caught up in your routine. Someone that can look at what you are doing with a fresh perspective and prescribe something outside of your box to drive new growth. 

I was once caught in the same old routine and wondering why there was a stunt in my firm’s growth. That is when I enlisted the help of a mentor. Having a mentor is what saved my sanity and helped my firm grow exponentially. The success of my business and the help of my mentor is a big part of what has inspired me to be a mentor to others and help fast track their growth. 

If you are considering gaining a fresh perspective by enlisting the help of a mentor then be sure to continue reading this post.  I’ll dive into the key benefits of having a mentor. I won’t only discuss how a mentor can help to fast track your business success, but I’ll also talk about how a mentor can lead to substantial personal growth.

Gives You What You Need to Hear

With many leaders and coaches today, they are ineffective at helping their clients because they don’t tell them what they should hear. Yes, it can seem rude or disrespectful to tell someone that they’re failing at something, but sometimes those words are EXACTLY what the client needs to hear. I’m not saying you should rip on them for something they did or a process that they followed, but you should be comfortable with politely telling them that their behavior or something else HAS to change.

No one enjoys when someone tells them they’re wrong; no one wants to feel like they’re failing at something. But if monumental change is to happen, maybe a law firm owner needs to hear that brutal truth. Because at the end of the day, those truthful words — although may sound painful — might lead to the turning point in your career.

According to some of my clients, this benefit sure resonates with them. Laura and Melissa Ruvolo, who own the family law firm Ruvolo Law Group, touch on this point in their testimonial video, watch below.

The two sisters go on to talk about how they’ve attended multiple seminars, went to various conferences, and read my different books, and they emphasize my teaching style. They explain how I tell them what they ‘need to hear’. While you may not always like what I tell you, I do it all for a reason. One of the sisters even explained how she and I had some resistance on a phone call once. But as the call went on, Melissa knew that I had a point.

So while you may feel discouraged or offended during my mentorship program, just remember that I do it all because I want you to SUCCEED.

Easily Tangible, Digestible Guidance

When you see the average life coach or mentor, many of them just spew out tons of information without even hearing your input. They might understand what they’re saying, but they don’t focus on explaining that information in a way that is easily comprehended by the audience.

When you have a mentor, understanding the topics and materials covered should be a top priority. All in all, a mentor wants to fully reach and engage with their client, so that can be extremely difficult when the client is struggling to understand.

According to some of my clients, I excel with mentoring in a way that is easy to digest. My clients explain that my coaching style makes it simple for them to fully digest what is being talked about, without getting too confused or stressed.

One of my clients and past attendees of the Marketing for the Masters retreat, Melaniece McKnight, had some very kind words in her testimonial video you can watch it below. She touched on my teaching style and explained how I break up the course material into ‘bite-sized, digestible pieces’, which allowed her to implement what she learned into her law firm.


If any of this resonates with you and you are ready to take the next step in building success for your firm, then check out the many ways Law Firm Mentor can help get you fast track your growth.