How the Power of Systems Can Change Your Business Perspective and Help Your Firm Succeed

Every single day, attorneys are out there looking for help; looking for ways to rid the chaos that consumes  their law firm from reaching their full potential.

But even if you know you need help, even though you may realize that you can’t keep working like this, you may not even know the first step you should take.

I understand that managing a law firm can be very difficult. However, I understand that coming to the conclusion that you DO need help; now that’s even more difficult to grasp. But I can assure you, once you take that first leap of faith and seek the help you’ve been looking for, then you and your employees can enjoy the benefits of a well-functioning law firm that’s built on a foundation of systems that can set your firm up for success.

One of my clients Artessia House can speak to this same challenge of not knowing where to begin when finding what needs to be improved and the way in which to do so. Artessia is someone who was exactly in your shoes looking for answers; someone who wants to harness the power of systems and put them to work in their law office.

That being said, this blog post will feature Artessia’s story and talk about how she was able to overcome the chaos that consumed her time and how she was able to harness the power of systems to crush chaos and win back more free time for herself. 

How the Power of Systems Changed Artessia’s Perspective as a Business Owner and Helped Her Firm Succeed

Implementing a foundation built on efficient systems was exactly what Artessia needed, but, ultimately, it was exactly what her law firm needed. Artessia wanted more free time for herself but I couldn’t make the time with all the chaos that engulfed her firm. She knew she needed to seek help… she deserved a vacation without having to worry if her firm would stay afloat while she was away! That is when she came across my retreat on Systematize Your Law Business.

Artessia took the leap and enlisted my help by registering for the Systematize Your Law Business Retreat. She was ready to crush chaos and this is what she found:

Highlights from the Video

Exceptional Value

Allison is an amazing coach. You can definitely tell that she has tons of passion for coaching others, and it really shows in her enthusiasm and lecturing skills. Also, the in-depth course material really proves Allison wants us to succeed, and succeed at a high level. She really helps her attendees to see the big picture, which helped us detect things that we were blinded by previously. She really pushes us to be better law firm owners and to maximize our potential. This program is more than just a basic list of some strategies you can take home with you; it is a life-changing couple of days that helps you envision and plan for the future. Allison taught me to not only look at the present but to also build systems and procedures built for success for many years to come.

Mass Amount of Resources

I also found that there were tons of resources available at this seminar. For the number of resources available, you would have to pay up to five times as much to get the same type of training from other coaches.

The Power of Systems

The Systematize Your Law Business retreat involved walking through the process of identifying what problems exist in my firm, then empowering myself with the ability to know that it’s possible to make improvements; I just need to take the first step into releasing ownership of my firm, trusting the staff that is there, and taking the time to invest in myself so that I can invest in the people that I have in my firm in Texas.

Get More Free Time!

One of the most monumental takeaways from this event was that it finally gave me some free time I desperately needed. Before attending this retreat, I was the type of person who never went on vacation–for years. In fact, this was one of the reasons why I wanted to attend the conference in the first place. Allision taught me that it IS very possible to still get work done and make money while still taking those needed vacations.

Switch the Way of Your Thinking

If you’re looking for someone that will lead you to the correct resources and train you to switch the way of your thinking so that you can create the type of pathway that will give you longevity and success in your law firm, then this is the program that you want.

After attending this retreat, I was really moved. I enjoyed the many resources available and truly saw the value that this event provided. If you want to elevate your law business and truly maximize yourself and your team, then this retreat is what you need.


If you are tired of dealing with chaos at your law firm and are ready to harness the power of Systems, then my Systematize Your Law Business may be just the place for you to begin your journey to crushing chaos and winning back the free time you deserve.