Marketing Resources That Can Elevate Your Law Firm

Whether you’ve been running the show at your law firm for years or you’re just starting out, it might feel like you’re swimming through a raging river, desperately trying to find air to breathe. Once you find that moment to catch your breath, you might find yourself back in the rapids, struggling to stay afloat.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for law firm owners. From managing employees to trying to conquer marketing, it can all be very challenging and stressful.

But maybe it’s time to put your ego aside. Let’s face it: even the most experienced professionals need guidance.

Maybe it’s time to find help from people that get it; from people who know the struggle, from people like me.

While attending my seminars, listening to my podcasts, and even looking throughout my blogs, just like this one, can be huge strides in the right direction, I invite you to learn even more. I invite you to boost your knowledge from many different angles.

All thought-leaders have different approaches; all experts have different ideas. It’s up to you to use those ideas and put them to action. It’s up to you to harness your abilities, then produce results that can take your law firm to new heights.

In this post, I’ll discuss a few marketing resources that are definitely worth checking out. I’ll provide a list of books, podcasts, and conferences that you should consider RIGHT NOW.

I stand by this list firmly, and these resources have certainly helped me to get to where I am today. And I guarantee they can help YOU TOO.

Start With Why, by Simon Sinek

The year was 2009, and Simon Sinek developed a movement to boost inspiration at work for employees, which would ultimately also inspire their fellow team members and customers.

For the next 10+ years, Simon’s ideas have touched millions.

In fact, his TED Talk based on this book has been watched by over 28 million people, which is the third-highest viewed TED video of all-time.

Start With Why jumps into a realm that many people aren’t familiar with. He touches on the fact that many great leaders throughout history have a similar way of thinking, acting, and communicating.

Sinek calls his idea The Golden Circle, and this is a framework that helps organizations build into something amazing. But there is one theme throughout this book: it all starts with WHY.

I Love Marketing, By Dean Jackson and Joe Polish

This is a podcast that really resonates with me.

This podcast resource has nearly 400 episodes, and they frequently feature special guests and thought-leaders from around the world. Additionally, the team touches on tons of different topics, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Direct response marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Masterminds
  • Personal branding
  • Productivity
  • Health

And did I mention that this resource is FREE!?

And better yet, the team also hosts frequent Meet Ups, where like-minded individuals can meet with others who share their same interests. They currently have over 20 Meet Up Groups spanning across six countries.

What drove Dean and Joe to start this podcast was their love for conversations about marketing. Both of them have loved marketing since a very young age and they have gained many valuable ideas and insights over the years.

And better yet, every week is something new! You have to check out this FREE resource today!

Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

This is one conference that is focused on a very key part of marketing: content marketing.

Content is what drives your law firm to get the brand out there, the messages out there; it provides a way for your customers to understand who you are and how you can help then succeed.

Content Marketing World is happening on October 13th-16th, 2020, and it is held in Cleveland, Ohio at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.

This four-day event is focused on everything content and attendees will gain valuable tools and knowledge that they can immediately implement into their content marketing strategy.

There are over 125 sessions and workshops from marketing leaders all over the world, and the conference provides a comprehensive approach to everything content marketing. That being said, with so many sessions and workshops, you can really create a customized agenda built for YOU.

Additionally, networking is HUGE at this event. There is expected to be around 4,000 marketers from over 60 countries in attendance. The conference sets aside specific times for networking, and there are even activities geared towards learning and connecting with other like-minded professionals.

Additional Resources

The goods don’t just stop there.

Throughout my career, I have constantly used resources to gain knowledge and new strategies, and I’d like to share them with you! Check out some additional resources below:


  • Online Law Practice Strategies: How to Turn Clicks into Clients, 5th Edition, by Mark Homer & Jabez Lebre
  • Neuro-marketing: Selling to the Old Brain for Instant Success, by Patrick Renvoise & Christopher Morin
  • Renegade Lawyer Marketing: What Today’s Solo and Small Firm Lawyers Do to Survive and Thrive in a World of Marketing Vultures, 800-pound Gorilla and LegalZoom, by Ben Glass


  •, by Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish
  • Building a Story Brand, by Donald Miller
  • Technology of Marketing, Internet Marketer
  • Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor, by Allison C. Williams


  • Social Media Marketing World
  • American Marketing Association Annual Conference
  • Email Evolution Conference
  • Marketing for the Masters

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