Offline Marketing Strategies

It’s impossible not to have an online presence these days if you want to develop a business. But just because you have a strong social media following or a great web design doesn’t mean you should be slacking when it comes to offline marketing strategies! You want your marketing techniques to be as versatile and effective as the lawyers that work in your firm. Advertising tactics like billboards and print ads just don’t work anymore. Your firm deserves to be appropriately advertised. Law Firm Order has always had a strong focus on marketing strategies, and we wanted to share the best techniques for successful offline marketing.

Networking is Key

Networking might not be the most enjoyable activity, but it has steadily become more necessary in order to thrive in the law firm business. Getting out of your comfort zone and talking among other lawyers is key to understanding the business. Go in with the intention of advertising your firm and learning new things to benefit your firm. Be social, be friendly and most importantly be open minded. This can lead to hiring new partners, solving problems that might have plagued you in the past, or gaining a new perspective on experiences found in the business. No one has more experience on the subject of running a law firm then someone actually running another law firm! As important as it is to listen to clients, it’s also important to listen to competition and the law firm community.

Speaking Engagements

Your firm needs a voice, literal and otherwise. It’s the responsibility of the owner to use their voice to advertise their firm and to strike a tone. Additionally, speaking engagements can be extremely lucrative. It’s just one part of the $56 billion conference and meeting industry. So with that in mind, it’s crucial you have a strategy and definitive purpose when you attend speaking engagements. Speak with a purpose, and with the goal of attracting more clients, supporters and possible employees. Speaking engagements are important to the overall image of your firm. You don’t want to just advertise online how great your firm is, you want to be able to stand in front of a crowded room and prove it. It is a major test for business owners, and one that can prove very beneficial if you pass.

Publishing Articles/Newsletters

While it is always important to be up to date on the newest marketing trends, sometimes something as simple as publishing articles can prove to be just as effective. Articles and newsletters are excellent promotional tools, and they can often be used to advertise specials,  but they also put your values in the spotlight. That being said, if you’re going to commit to print media then it is important that you be consistent in regards to publishing regularly. If you don’t publish regularly, or don’t write in a way that is acceptable for print media, you can wind up losing more clients than you’d ever gain. Much like speaking engagements, articles and newsletters are very much about presentation. Your image, whether it is being presented through a speech or on paper, should match your work ethic.


With announcements, it’s all about giving the impression of MORE! What’s the latest news about your firm? What should clients and competition be looking for? Always go the extra mile. It’s great for promoting your firm in a more traditional way, while giving you yet another offline marketing platform to show the changes or achievements from your firm. Finding a style that suits your firm is important, you want to have announcements that match with the style of your business.

Trade Shows

As nice as your law offices may be, you or a representative for your firm will be spending some time at social events. Trade shows are a must for offline marketing, but they also require some important decision making. The truth is, some trade shows may offer a lot in terms of stands, handouts and activities, but they might not even relate to the law firm business! But it’s crucial that you scout out a variety of trade shows and see what business growth programs they offer. Trade shows are also great for giving out handouts, free gifts, newsletters and more from your firms. It’s all about giving people the incentive to check out your firm. Making the effort to attend trade shows ensures a brighter future for your firm, just make sure that the show you attend has its share of programs that you or a representative can use to help grow your business.

There’s always such a large focus on online marketing that some businesses forget the surplus of offline marketing options. When you have a law firm, you’re always ready to advertise! Promote your firm however and whenever you can, and make your voice heard!