SMART Goals in Marketing

Gorgeous logo designed? Check!

Top-of-the-line email campaign ready? Successfully launched Tuesday!

Hitting the key market you are interested in? In your sights!

Now all you need to do is sit back and watch the customers line up, right? WRONG!

Launching a thought-out marketing campaign, especially online, is key if you want your law firm to be successful. There is so much law-related content on the web that you can’t just throw your ads against the wall to see what happens. You need to come up with an original, effective, and most importantly, SMART marketing strategy. I would never run a campaign without setting SMART goals and neither should you.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART is something all law firms should be using. It’s much more than a clever acronym. It stands for:

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Achievable

R- Relevant

T- Time-Bound

All of your firm’s marketing efforts should include each of these. If even one is missing, you’re setting yourself up for lesser results. Each one is designed to reach a specific goal for your marketing.

You need to be SPECIFIC with all your marketing campaigns. What is your goal with marketing? How many potential clients do you want to reach? It needs to have a MEASURABLE metric of reach and success. I always invest in the tools that grant me the ability to measure how many clients my marketing is reaching. It is vital to understand how you are growing. If you have nothing to measure, how are you accessing growth? Figure out the KPI’s that will help you to accomplish your goal. 

And keep in mind, the goal needs to be ACHIEVABLE and realistic. You can’t launch a campaign and expect it to bring in billion-dollar clients overnight. Ask yourself howRELEVANT the campaign is. Is it the right time for it? Realistically, what results can you expect? Lastly, your marketing needs to be TIME-BOUND. Have a specific time frame in mind for when you want to see results. 

So many law firm owners launch campaigns without SMART goals in mind, and in the end – they do not see the results they are looking for. Keep in mind, once you have the assets listed above in mind, results will not happen overnight. Do not pull a campaign or marketing effort in a matter of days because you do not think it is working.

Stay patient, analyze your KPI’s and reassess your goal if need be. You can do it!!

Thinking of using SMART to revolutionize your marketing? Contact me to help you implement it. My experience and knowledge will allow us to transform your law firm into a powerful money-making machine. Let’s reach the highest level together.