More Space For Growth

Trust me when I say this, outgrowing your space is an incredible feeling.

You might find it annoying, but this is the wrong attitude to have. After the initial high wears off, I’ve seen many firms fall into the trap of stopping their growth. Excuses I’ve encountered include:

“What If I can’t afford the new space?”

“I don’t want to break up the office culture!”

“I like my team being all in one place.”

Acquiring more space is a big financial move but a lack of space is never a reason to delay or prevent growth. Did companies like Amazon, McDonald’s, and Disney stop growing because they ran out of space? I think we both know the answer to this one.

When your office does finally reach its capacity, you have a decision to make.

“Do I want to grow and get more space or stay where I am because it’s convenient and took a lot to get here?” I get it. Splitting up teams and making the financial investment isn’t something to take lightly. But once you go through with it and move offices or purchase a second location, you will be shocked how it transforms your firm.

Success is like an addiction, I’ve learned. The more someone has, the more they want. When you see all that empty space, you’re going to be motivated to fill it. 

Your current office has grown too small due to your efforts to grow your firm, imagine what this space will look like in the same amount of time. Dare I say you’ll be needing a third location? What happens if you wait too long? You’ll have the business, but not the manpower or space to handle it. While it’s easy to brush this topic under the rug, it’s important to start thinking about and planning the space you will need for your projected growth. 

If you are still hesitant about growing your firm in a new location, give me a call. I’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to not only acquire more space but to thrive in it.