Curious Employees Make Efficient Processes

If you have kids, have babysat kids or just been around them – you’ve experienced the “But Why?” conversation. Yes – I am referring to the situations when after everything you do or say, a “Why” is soon followed behind. 

It is easy to become aggravated or lose your patience when you have been asked “Why” multiple times. Especially when the “Why” comes from an employee. 

Are they joking? Do they really not understand?

Are they questioning your systems and processes?

Take a very deep breath – because most of the time, it is none of the above. Chances are your employees are just CURIOUS

Employees were not there with you to create the system. Something that may seem complicated to them may realistically be the best process. You would know this, because you analyzed the successes and pain points of your business, and created these systems based around such. But, how are they supposed to know? 

It’s crucial to define why the accomplishment is needed for the success of your firm. Don’t tell an employee “it needs to be done,” – explain why it’s important.

Taking an extra step to color code a file may seem silly to them, but if you explain that it saves 1 hour of searching for files every day, then your employees will be much more understanding and accommodating of your request. 

Even more so, aside from just understanding why it needs to be done, they will be more cognizant of making sure it is done properly knowing the impact it has on their day and yours. 

Patience is a virtue.

And patience, and taking the time to explain your “Why” for particular systems is what will help to create a well-oiled machine moving forward. Resulting in efficiency, results and GROWTH

Sometimes it can be difficult to express the “Why”, and in that case, I have two resources that can help you! The first is the option to schedule a call with me here! I love to coach business owners as they communicate their new systems and processes to their team. The other option is to pick other law firm owners brains in how they communicated this to their employees.