How Much in your Law Firm are you TOLERATING?

How much in your law firm are you TOLERATING?

If you’re like most lawyers, you are probably tolerating so much “stuff” that you have lost track. It starts out pretty simple.

You overlook typos in documents and just fix them yourself. “Hey, this person has a lot on his plate. Can’t catch every single typo…”

You look the other way as people wander in at 9:06, 9:10, 9:13, 9:21… “It’s not that bad after all… they linger over lunch and stay late sometimes, so I really shouldn’t be so picky.”

You asked that something be done ASAP and it flies off the radar screen. “Well, I didn’t really put a firm deadline on it, so the two week delay in my receiving what I asked for is excusable.”

Why do we rationalize like this? Oftentimes, it’s because we know that we make mistakes. We offer grace and forgiveness to others because we think, “I don’t meet the standard of perfection … how can I demand it of others?”

But, guess what? You DO get to set the standard. You get to require people to show up as their best selves.

And, when you require their personal best, they will inspire in YOUR personal best. The commitment will be reciprocal. Your aim is not perfection. It’s “personal best”.

And, the sad thing is that if you DON’T require the personal best of others, the mediocrity sets in. It festers. Two minutes late becomes acceptable. Then, ten minutes late. Then surfing Facebook while reading documents, which leads to typos. Then, forgetting to diary deadlines. And on and on and on.

Hold a higher standard for everyone in your life – yourself included. And crush mediocrity. It does not deserve you.

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