The Law Firm Mentor Presents

The Legal Sales for Attorneys and Non-Attorneys Virtual Course

Succeed in the power of persuasion! Leverage consumer behavior to connect with clients and improve sales.

An intensive, fast-track course that teaches you how to strengthen client relationships and close all your sales. Purchase today for $1,497.

The Benefits of Applying
Psychology to Sales

Building a successful firm or business is a complicated journey. Even companies that offer a great service or product struggle to stay ahead of their competition. In fact, roughly 50% of small businesses fail to survive after only five years. So, what’s the distinguishing factor between a thriving and failing business? The difference is an effective sales strategy.


Every great salesperson knows that the customer is at the center of their business. To convince a customer to purchase your service or product, you’ll need to understand how the customer thinks to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is called buyer psychology and it’s a crucial part of generating leads and closing sales. Once you harness the power of persuasion, you’ll find how easy it is to convey your value and get clients.


You don’t need a psychology degree to master the psychology of sales! Developed especially for legal sales for lawyers and non-lawyers, this online course shows you how to use the lens of psychology to connect with clients and attract new clients.

Know your PNC on a deeper level. Take the lead and close the deal!

What’s included in the Legal Sales for Attorneys and Non-Attorneys Virtual Course?

Level 1: Psychology of Sales

  • Understanding your PNC’s mindset to drive sales
  • Why giving legal advice in consultations is BAD
  • How to emotionally connect with your PNC


Level 2: The Sales Formula

  • The critical questions to ask your PNC and when


Level 3: Framework for Questions and Answers

  • How NOT to give legal advice


Level 4: Common Objections and How to Deal with Them

  • How to acknowledge and overcome your PNC’s objections


Level 5: Attorneys or Non-Attorneys – Which to Use in Sales  

  • The risks and rewards of each when selling to PNCs


Level 6: Sales Systems

  • What every sales system needs to succeed

Don’t let another PNC slip through the cracks. Become a powerhouse closer today!

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